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SAS_Logo.jpg images/al.gif This page dedicated to resources for Amateur Astronomers

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Polar Alignment of your Equatorial Mount or Polar Alignment of a Telescope on Equatorial Mount

The Ultimate Messier Object Log
The Caldwell Object Log
The Overlooked Objects Log
The Simple Observing Log


Free Astronomy Software

Astroclk ver0126    Astronomical Clock (Sidereal) and Celestial Tracking Program
Cartes du Ciel Sky Charts   Planetarium / Sky Charts
Stellarium    Excellent beginners/advanced Planetarium / Sky Charts program
Virtual Moon Atlas    An excellent Atlas of the Moon

Astronomy Software - Retail

Starry Night    An excellent Planetarium / Sky Charts program


Stardate online public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory
Morgan County Observatory   -   Many Astronomy Links
Sky & Telescope online
Astronomy magazine online
Amateur Astronomy magazine
Amateur Astronomy magazine A British Amateur Astronomy Magazine
AstronomyLogs.Com Always Free for Download - Observation logs for DeepSky Observing and Astronomical Resources


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